Faith Mulira Health Care Center 

MISSION: "To promote the dignity, health and welfare of the people of Masooli, Uganda by providing for excellent and compassionate health care services."

The Faith Mulira Health Care Center (FMHCC) evolved from the lifelong vision of 89-year old Faith Mulira who grew up in the impoverished village of Masooli, Uganda. Faith, a nurse by training, fled to the United States after numerous family members were slaughtered during the brutal reign of Idi Amin. While working as a nurse for the elderly in the U.S., Faith dreamt of a time when the residents of Masooli would have easy access to medical care. For many years, Faith shared her vision, visiting churches and talking to friends, encouraging them to join her. Inspired by her indomitable spirit, community members in Connecticut formed a not-for-profit organization (501 C-3) with a working board of directors. Following several years of development and fundraising, the Faith Mulira Health Care Center officially opened its doors on January 10, 2011. 

The Faith Mulira Health Care Center is a level III health care facility registered and licensed by Uganda’s Ministry of Health. The town of Masooli is located in the rural community of Nangabo County, 8 miles from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The clinic provides general outpatient services and reproductive health services with a small maternity ward. The staff includes both a full time and a part time physician, and they regularly conduct community outreach programs providing a range of services. Some of the ongoing services offered include health screenings and education, immunizations, and testing for diabetes, hypertension, and HIV. The clinic treated approximately 5000 patients in 2013. 

Governance of the Center rests with an all-volunteer Uganda Board of Directors that supervises staff and provides oversight of Center operations. The Uganda board of directors partners with The U.S. board, which provides both financial and consultative services in accordance with all applicable U.S. and international laws governing not-for-profit corporations.


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